New York

The Day in Dumbo

Dumbo never fails to satisfy.  As a neighborhood set directly across from the water from Manhattan, it not only offers impeccable views, but wonderful restaurants, waterfront parks, and a very relaxed atmosphere.  On Saturday, some friends and I set out to enjoy the northern grade pop-up shop happening in the area and then opted for some wandering, ending our day with bloody mary's at Colonie.  It was nice. 

A Foggy Morning on the High Line

New York has been seeing some of the most beautiful foggy mornings as of late.  And in an effort to see more of the fog for myself, coupled with a recent effort to be more conscious about seeing the city by foot, I opted for a walk on the High Line on my way to a meeting uptown this week.  It was stunning.  There was a blanket of fog and the sun was just peering through enough to create the most beautiful colors.  On top of that, at 9am there were only a handful of people walking the trail.  Needless to say it made for a very peaceful morning in New York City, and that's hard to come by. 

Side note: This walk briefly paused when I popped into The High Line Hotel for a quick coffee.  I highly recommend the Intelligentsia inside the hotel to anyone who's ever looking for good coffee in the area (10th ave and 20th st).  

Upstate New York / Woodstock

Without fail, every time I go to upstate New York, I wonder why I don't make the trip more often.   In just a short train ride, you can arrive in a place that is such a huge contrast to New York City.  And it's this contrast that makes the experiences so special.  On this particular trip, we took detours, explored foggy roads and ponds and the woods behind our house.  We ate icicles like popsicles, sat in front of the fire for hours, and made huge meals together, all eleven of us.  It was peaceful and refreshing and incredibly fun - just what we all needed.  Below are just several snaps from our weekend in Woodstock.

Jess Does New York

Having visitors is always a treat, especially ones that are considering a move to the city (it means I really have to sell it!  luckily this city makes it easy).  It's a reason to get outside and an amazing reminder of all of the incredible things New York City has to offer.  We navigated the Chelsea galleries, scored some awesome finger puppets in SoHo, visited the MoMa, became official owners of Warby Parker lenses, and ate our hearts out all along the way, especially loving us some Miss Lilly's.  By Sunday evening, exhaustion had officially set in - a sure sign of a weekend well spent. 

Lifelogue III


It's interesting to see what happens when you let go of every plan you thought you ever had and just roll with the punches of life.  As wonderful, difficult, and painfully frustrating as the last three weeks have been, I have learned to let go. In doing so, I have found that this is the way I prefer living (for now).

this song and this song play all the time in our apartment these days.

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