Terrimae Lookbook

Photographing this look book in May was not only an experience that pushed me to new limits in photography but one that opened my eyes to the beauty of collaboration.  Last December, Haley, Terrimae's creator, approached me about working together on this.  I immediately said yes.  What began as a few emails back-and-forth about location and styling evolved into an incredible collaboration.  Inspirational images and ideas were constantly flowing in my inbox and outbox and soon, a concept was born.  In May, I flew to San Francisco and three other women and myself worked tirelessly in Haley's San Francisco apartment to bring this concept to life.  Simplistic, comfortable, and with a touch of elegance, these photos were born.

As a freelance photographer, moments like this are everything.  There are some difficult and frustrating times I encounter working for myself.  But then these moments happen, where everyone comes together, it makes it all worth it.  

See the full Terrimae line here and read the story behind the brand here

Adventures In Film: The Met

Regardless of film turning out right or wrong in terms of grain/brightness/color, it's a special experience developing a "mystery" roll - flipping through the scans always brings back memories of moments I had completely forgotten were captured.  Last month, I pulled out my beloved Nikon FM2 for a trip to the Met.  And as you will see, we not only enjoyed the light inside, but discovered that amazing rooftop of theirs as well.  

Weekend Getaway: The Hamptons

Those weathered gray shaker shingle houses, the fresh seafood, and miles of shell covered beaches will never cease to put a smile on my face.  Last month, friends and I packed up and headed out to Westhampton for a weekend of relaxation and celebration for the warmer days ahead.  We chose Westhampton in part because of it's proximity to the city and because of the description "has the largest pool from Southhampton to Westhampton."  True or not, it didn't matter.  We were happy as clams. 

The Day in Dumbo

Dumbo never fails to satisfy.  As a neighborhood set directly across from the water from Manhattan, it not only offers impeccable views, but wonderful restaurants, waterfront parks, and a very relaxed atmosphere.  On Saturday, some friends and I set out to enjoy the northern grade pop-up shop happening in the area and then opted for some wandering, ending our day with bloody mary's at Colonie.  It was nice. 

Upstate New York / Woodstock

Without fail, every time I go to upstate New York, I wonder why I don't make the trip more often.   In just a short train ride, you can arrive in a place that is such a huge contrast to New York City.  And it's this contrast that makes the experiences so special.  On this particular trip, we took detours, explored foggy roads and ponds and the woods behind our house.  We ate icicles like popsicles, sat in front of the fire for hours, and made huge meals together, all eleven of us.  It was peaceful and refreshing and incredibly fun - just what we all needed.  Below are just several snaps from our weekend in Woodstock.