Adventures In Film: The Met

Regardless of film turning out right or wrong in terms of grain/brightness/color, it's a special experience developing a "mystery" roll - flipping through the scans always brings back memories of moments I had completely forgotten were captured.  Last month, I pulled out my beloved Nikon FM2 for a trip to the Met.  And as you will see, we not only enjoyed the light inside, but discovered that amazing rooftop of theirs as well.  

Vogue Instameet

If you were on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Sunday, there is a chance you saw a slew of photographers running around following models dressed in designer gowns.  If you were witness to it, you may have seen Grace Mahary lie on top of a moving vehicle for a photo-op or Hanne Gaby Odiele use the subway platform as a runway or the two of them together, sucking helium from balloons.  It was a fun-filled and hilarious afternoon.   And on top of that, is was a wonderful chance for Instagrammars all over New York to meet and team up with Vogue in an effort to spread the news about this past Monday's Met Gala.  Some of the results, below.

The Day in Dumbo

Dumbo never fails to satisfy.  As a neighborhood set directly across from the water from Manhattan, it not only offers impeccable views, but wonderful restaurants, waterfront parks, and a very relaxed atmosphere.  On Saturday, some friends and I set out to enjoy the northern grade pop-up shop happening in the area and then opted for some wandering, ending our day with bloody mary's at Colonie.  It was nice. 

New York / First Signs of Winter

New York City had it's first snowfall of the season yesterday!  It's really hard to believe that winter is upon us, especially because November 12 seems frighteningly early for snow. Fingers are crossed this doesn't mean we have a brutal winter ahead of us.  But despite what this may mean, I had a friend visiting from Texas who never gets to see snow and who was a great reminder of how fun it can be.  Sometimes. 

35mm Film // Coney Island

I havent decided whether or not it's a disservice to Coney Island to present it in black and white, considering the fact that it is dripping in color.  Nonetheless, it was fun to pick up a film camera again. It was my first time shooting with my new canon AE-1 after having to come to terms with the fact that my nikon was on it's last leg. 

Also, cotton candy on the beach? Only at Coney Island.