That California Fog

My senior year of high school was followed with a trip up the California coast to celebrate.  Never once do I remember seeing fog.  And somehow, on my most recent trip (down the coast from SF to Big Sur) we kept getting caught in it.   At first, we were disappointed - all we really wanted to do was enjoy the coastline and see the water.  But then we started to fall in love with it. It made us more of explorers, per se, pulling over and venturing down to the water, rather than simply enjoying it from far above. By the end of the trip, driving upon it was actually something we really looked forward to. 

EATS: (San Francisco) Bar Crudo, Delfina Pizza, My My Coffee Shop - (Santa Cruz) Burger, Picnic Basket, Cafe Brasil, Walnut Avenue - (Big Sur) Nepenthe, Big Sur Bakery
COFFEE: (San Francisco) Blue Bottle, Four Barrel