Of the couple of times that I have been to Paris, I have been reluctant to leave.  As a New Yorker, Paris has a feeling of familiarity, although a much more beautiful and put-together version of the city life that I am used to.  It's architecture manages to fall under the same aesthetic and it's open spaces are incomparable.  Thank you for that, Haussmann

During our time there, we explored the city the best way we know how: wandering.  In the midst of our wanderings, we did a self led chocolate tour in the 6th arrondissement which resulted in a food coma that was so worth it.  Starting at Pierre Herme where we tried their Plaisir Sucre (incredible), we meandered around the corner to Pierre Marcolini for chocolates and macaroons, and finished up at Maison Georges Larnicol where we filled bags with chocolate goodies to hold us over through the rest of our trip.