Soothing and original, Matthew Santos and Trevor Hall took everyone's breath away.  Matthew Santos, compared to by Joe as Dave Matthews (minus the band), sang heart-felt lyrics that were original and hard not to love.  Trevor Hall, with a voice that I can't even explain without thinking of the words original, jamaican, breezy and rhythmic, was truly a wow factor.  Standing on stage with a laid-back attitude, a head full of dreads, his bare feet, and sense of calmness surrounding him, you could see and feel his passion and love for the music that he was singing.  His music makes me feel at ease while making me want to get up and dance at the same time.  It's pure bliss.  I highly recommend the songs "Unity," "Lime Tree," and "31 Flavors" by Trevor Hall and "Break Free" and "Love Sick Fool" by Matthew Santos.

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