I was so reluctant to say yes to a trip to Montana. It used to be that when I heard the name, I would think of people living in log cabins with no electricity and eating potatoes from their farm... (how uncultured I am).  My original point of view was quickly transformed.  Yes, there are log cabins in Montana but they are beautiful and sit perfectly among mountainsides and fields of wild flowers (and come equipped with electricity), there is an incredibly vast amount of wildlife, Yellowstone National Park, breathtaking views, great restaurants, and the most incredible weather (no humidity!).  So, although our trip to Montana only consisted of a few days, it was packed full of adventure and the excitement of seeing new things.  Arriving home to Atlanta and stepping out into the 97 degree heat and outrageous humidity (the kind that makes you want to instantly run back inside), I wished that I was back in Montana... I never thought I'd say that.