I just turned 20.

April 27, 2010 = MY LAST DAY AS A TEENAGER

I skipped my first class. I ate the most sprinkles ever. I found out that I got an internship with Soles4Souls! I studied for an accounting test. I went to the SGA inauguration. I ate a free dinner. Thanks SGA. I helped Jeddy pick out some clothes. I cried about turning 20. I brought out the footy pajamas. I made the annual krispy kreme run with friends. I had two dorm room style dance parties. I played kickball in my room, the hallway, and sorority quad. I got kicked out of sorority quad because we were too loud. I ate cookie dough eggrolls. I turned 20 while dancing to "In da Club" by Fifty Cent.

My mound of sprinkles as well as one of 6 desserts I had today.