One Year

It has been one year and one day since Danny and I started dating onApril 19, 2009

To celebrate...

Danny was in charge of making dinner plans and I was in charge of dessert (my specialty). I was pleasantly suprised when we arrived at Daniel George for a wonderful dinner over candlelight. Danny tried oysters for the first time and loved them (probably because they were fried and covered in sauce) and I would highly recommend the Red Snapper. For dessert, I was in a pinch. Unfortunately, our anniversary fell on Monday which means that none of the restaurants with the best dessert (even Pastry Art, famous for "baby bites") were open. So, with no time to make anything, I turned to my second home: Whole Foods. It was a success. Sitting on a hill that was overlooking a pond at the Botanical Gardens, we enjoyed canollies, vanilla cake dome with chocolate mouse, cookies and cream layered cake, and mint chocolate cookie ice cream. I thought the night would be over after dessert. I was wrong. After being blindfolded for 10 minutes, I was lead inside to what felt like a movie theatre. I was right about that part. When my blindfold came off, I quickly realized that we were in a planitarium and were about to watch a movie that Danny had put together with pictures of us and encouraging videos from our friends. It was phenomenal. Seriously the best gift I have ever received.