Lifelogue II


Walking around the streets of this city, I still can't believe that it's my home.  I don't know if it's because I share this new home with 7 million others, because I don't see the same people everyday, or because each day has been an adventure, but it's surreal.  One day in New York City feels like three days somewhere else.  If you let yourself, you never have to eat at the same restaurant twice, can step foot into a different store every day, and walk a hundred different ways to get to the subway.  My whole life was built around routine and comforts until I moved to this city.  And although it's scary at times to not know what lies ahead of you, who you will meet, or what the day may bring, there's something so beautiful about it.  I love the mystery, the fact that I can walk down Amsterdam Avenue everyday and something new catches my eye every time and that I will most likely, thanks to a stranger or a colleague or a friend, be able to add to my never ending list of places to eat, shop, and see in this city.  I've always heard that the newness of a city is what makes it so special... but what makes New York City so special is that the sense of newness doesn't appear to have an end.

Eats. Berry Park | Ed's Lobster Bar

Drinks: Berry Park | The Tippler

Do: Brooklyn Bowl