Los Angeles: Vintage Scene

Los Angeles was so exciting.  I was in LA two years ago but left feeling unimpressed.  This time though, my opinion did a 180.  I don't know how I missed the intricacies and creativity behind the stores on Melrose two years ago, but on this trip, I saw it.  Thanks to Melrose, I found my new favorite boots, the Boutique9 grey lace-ups.  On a day-trip to Santa Barbara, I was reassured that if I ever have to move to California, I would be more than thrilled to live in Santa Barbara. It is probably one of my top-ten favorite places to visit.  The beach, the pier, the restaurants, the shopping, the architecture, it all works together so well and makes me so happy.  Driving through the hills of LA, we "looked at houses," but I think we both know that we were keeping our eyes peeled for celebrities.  We did see Paul Johansson while eating gelato but I am not a One Tree Hill fan so it didn't meant as much.  Eating at the restaurants Koi, The Ivy, Hob Nob, The Nook, and any ice cream place we could find, really added to the LA experience because after all, we love love love food. I'll go on the record for saying, I really like LA.