Packing Playlist

When I pack for vacations, I get really sidetracked... these are the moments when I swear that I have ADD.  Instead of packing, filling you in on the music I have been listening to sounded like a lot more fun.  So here it goes.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Thanks to Nylon's Blog, I discovered this band.  They are rock but when I listen to her voice I hear a tad of country coming through.  I don't consider myself a fan of country music by any means but this music just does something for me. The songs: Paris (Ooh La La), Tiny Light

Sleigh Bells This band has surfaced on my blog before but I just have to say... I am totally obsessed with them.  And I don't know why but for some reason in my head I keep comparing them to the dance mix version of MGMT.  Maybe it's because they both have the song, "Kids."  Just give them a whirl. The songs: Riot Rhythm, Run the Heart, and Tell 'Em

Lissie She is one of those people that I look at and imagine her singing one way but then hear her voice and just think, woah this is wonderful. The Song: Everywhere I Go

More of what's playing: Shontelle: Impossible I think this song has probably been played 10 times in the last hour. The Ready Set: Love Like Woe I love the piano part in the beginning and then bam, the song starts. She & Him: Gonna Get Along Without You Who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel? The Broken Social Scene: All to All The intro is long but the wait is worth it. And their Canadian. So, duh.