Smoothies + Pancakes

My newest obsession... experimenting with smoothies and pancakes. Not together, of course (I don't think a pancake smoothie would be good. But maybe I'll experiment)

I have found that a smoothie is best when it is simplistic. It doesn't needed added sugar.  The sugar from the fruit is plenty.  And with my next step towards a life of veganism (which I will probably never accomplish considering that I still eat fish, eggs, and yogurt), I blend in vanilla almond milk with the fruit.  The result... refreshing, filling, and delicious.


And then the pancakes.  I am truly inspired by Jim's Pancakes, a blog that is filled with Jim's fun pancake creations for his daughter.  So, I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes but wasn't satisfied because the chocolate chips seemed to always burn.  To get the chocolate without the burn, I melted chocolate chips and mixed 1/4 cup of them in with about a 1/2 cup of pancake mix and poured the new mixture in a random pattern across the pancake that was on the griddle.  Then, taking a knife, I dragged it across the chocolate to give it a marble cake look.