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Scotland Part 2 - Glencoe

I remember Travis and I were listening to some silly podcast to pass the time, not really paying attention, and getting antsy because we had been in the car for so long.  And then we started driving into Glencoe.  And we suddenly didn't want the drive to end. We eventually pulled the car over, found the first path we could, and hiked.  The sun was starting to set.  Throughout the hike, every other thing we said to each other was along the lines of, 'this is so freaking beautiful.'  It really was: the experience and the scenery. 

Scotland Part 1 - Edinburgh

When traveling, I'm not always prone to go to big cities, as a vacation sounds more like a vacation in the mountains or by the water.  However, Edinburgh was the perfect combination of both.  A city on the water, offering beautiful hikes a stones throw from downtown, coupled with bustling city streets lined with shops and restaurants.  

We had two days here and wanted to cover it all.  Travis and I filled our first day with a ten mile walk through Edinburgh's Old Town, experiencing our first castle (and our first palace!) and meandering through alleys until our feet hurt.  On day two, we did a morning hike and a stroll through New Town, falling in love with the charm of the whole thing.  The hike was by far the highlight of our time here and sent us down a rabbit hole of finding other hikes throughout our entire time in Scotland.