We almost had to cancel our trip to Africa.  I am forever grateful that we didn't.  There are pieces of those three weeks that I think about on a regular basis.  The hike up Table Mountain that we did in Cape Town, having to lay on the horn because of monkeys taking over the road, the short journey I took on top of an elephant, working through my immense fear of small planes, and the culture that we experienced.  But mostly I think about our time in Botswana.  Never have I felt more grateful than getting to experience a safari.  Upon arriving in our first camp, Belmond's Elephant Lodge, we witnessed elephants from our porch, crossing through the river less than 50 yards away.  Or one morning in our second camp, when we walked outside to see an elephant making it's way down the sidewalk.  Later that same day he made his way into dinner on the patio and walked right past our table.  In both of those instances, I can remember a very overwhelming feeling, unable to believe what I was witnessing right before my eyes.  Getting a glimpse into these animals' lives, even for just a moment, is so special.  Led by the most intelligent guides, we learned not only about the lions and their prides, the poor eye-sight of wildabeests, or how Zebra's use their stripes, but about every type of bird and flower, and how certain trees give off a taste when their leaves are being eaten, one that deters animals from considering them a food source.  It was the most visually compelling learning experience of my life.  And when you have to slam on your brakes because a giraffe is passing in front of your van, there are no words.  It's an incredible sight.  

Thank you to Edgewood Travel for piecing together this trip for us.